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Design Trends that are Going Out

We always wonder what interior design trends are coming forward in a year, and analyze the ways that we can incorporate these styles into our home. However, we often forget to learn about what styles are going out, and if we should be making adjustments to factor this in as well.

2019 has shown us that gendered rooms are going out of style. Say goodbye to the pink floral bedrooms and sports-themed navy blue play areas. This day in age, the mentality of a gendered room and having colour restrictions reduces creative freedom when designing a space. These old perspectives are what made men (and women) afraid to use the colour pink, blush, or coral in fear that it was too much of a gendered colour.

Another trend that is seeing itself out the door is the artistic cluttered style. It is no longer in to pair brightly coloured pattern with juxtaposing printed wallpaper or random decorative pieces. Some might call this eclectic, others might call it overwhelming. Let’s bring back the mentality that every item in a space should have a purpose, and should work together with everything else in the room.

We are also seeing design trend changes in art choices. Simplistic art ruled the interior design world for a while, offering simple toned abstract pieces that did not overtake the room. However, people are getting bored of this and are wanting to explore out of their comfort zones, and paint out of the lines…In 2019 it is now more encouraged to hang up art that you simply like, or makes you feel good. It matters less whether or not it matches the space. But, this one is up to you!

This one was expected. We can say goodbye to macramé art, especially when it is hung up in the bedroom. Although these decorative elements can be artisanal and provide a rustic-boho look to a space, it has unfortunately been over used. Due to the saturation and limitation in variance of style, this trend has become dated very quick.

The last, also obvious, trend that is no longer thriving is succulents. We all loved a good succulent in 2018, and saw them everywhere. However, this trend has dissolved due to over-

saturation, and the because there are simply so many other options to choose from. We should not feel limited to using succulents in our home, as there are hundreds of other plant options out there to liven up the space!

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