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Hey Google...

If you would have mentioned "Google Home" to me 15 years ago, I would probably be feeling very nervous about the fact that a billion-dollar information technology company is meshing with our one and only "safe" place - our home. Talk about Big Brother worries!!!

I'm only kidding. Google Home is now in millions of households across the globe. Google features a variety of options for every homeowner, including the Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, the Nest Hub, and the Nest Hub Max.

At BMF Homes, we are always willing to adapt and tackle what's new and fresh, especially when it comes to luxury home features. This is why you'll see this technology present in our luxury homes for sale. Everything has to be top quality and include the latest and greatest in home appliances and tech!

Wondering what Google Home can do for you?

1. You can control your lights, blinds, temperature, kettles etc. through voice control. "Hey Google, turn on the living room chandelier"

2. You can listen to music throughout your home simultaneously off of each device.

3. You can make hands-free phone calls

4. You can locate your lost phone! We all know we need this feature...

5. You can ask it to play a game with you. Trivia, anyone?

6. You can ask it to speak in different languages. Google Home is capable of speaking in English, Japanese, French, Italian, and German.

7. You can ask it for help in finding plumbers, electricians, landscapers to help with house work.

8. You can set daily reminders or routines to help with stability and consistency in your day-to-day life. "Hey Google, remind me to work out at 7pm". Although, just because Google reminds you to do something, doesn't mean you HAVE to do it...

9. You can wake up in the morning to your favourite song.

10. You can even ask it to tell you some good news!

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Come to one of our current open houses to test out the technology for yourself! We'd love to have you.

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