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Landscaping – Is it Really that Important?

Landscaping is often overlooked due to the stress of maintenance or upkeep. However, it just wouldn’t seem right to have a luxury home with nothing but dirt and gravel to complement it.

Landscaping is important!

To begin, a beautifully landscaped yard adds value. The outside of a home is the sight for the very first impression for a potential buyer. By having a welcoming, tidy, and attractive front yard with special lighting to illuminate every aspect, you can increase your properties value up to 10 – 12 percent! However, this goes both ways. If you are wishing to sell your home with an unkept yard, it can significantly bring your property value down.

Of course, curb appeal is also important. Having a well-kept yard is like having a well-kept bedroom. Both reflect you, and often bring positive energy when they are maintained. Having a happy lawn, a mix of healthy trees, and perky flowers will continue to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and perhaps motivate you (and your neighbours) even more!

Something that is often not thought of when considering the best elements of a landscaped yard is energy efficiency. Think about a house that sits in the afternoon sun, versus a house that is protected by various shade trees. Keeping the house cooler in the summer can save you on A/C electricity bills! Trees also function as windbreaks which can reduce the cost of heating when its colder out. Additionally, a professionally landscape yard would also aid in the drainage of stormwater and snow, preventing any potential flooding issues.

Lastly, landscaping is important for general happiness. As humans, we are meant to be outside, and are reminded to always stop and smell the roses. It’s important that we enjoy our surroundings, especially in a place that we call home.

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