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Stone - the Design Backbone

Luxury homes often rely on stone elements throughout the home to give it the regal and high class "feel". In most high end builds, you will find at least one tile of white marble!

In our latest luxury build, we sourced our stone through a local stone company, Prima Stone. Prima Stone specializes in sustainability, as they produce slabs of lower weight, using up to 80% less material while still achieving the beautiful look. They also use recycled plastic as their stone backing, and recycle all water used in the manufacturing process.

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of life, and choosing more sustainable options when possible is integral. This is why Prima Stone's logo of sustainability is "Extending limited resources for longer".

BMF Homes chose the Nero Marquina stone, which originates from Spain. This black marble stone can be seen throughout the home, in the wine display, the kitchen island, the powder bathroom, as well as on the main fireplace wall. It is stunning and ethical, can't go wrong with that!

To check out Prima Stone, you can find them at

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