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Sub-Zero Fridges – Expensive, but Worth it?

BMF Homes specializes in luxury builds, with our last home featuring luxury features in terms of technology and appliances. Sub-Zero fridges are well known for their quality, and well, for their price!

So what makes this fridge a good investment?

Food freshness is the number one reason to get a Sub-Zero. The fridge features smart storage temperatures to maximize the freshness of whatever is in the fridge, whether it be fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood. They rely on temperature control, purified air, and humidity levels to achieve optimized food freshness!

The company backs the fridges with a warranty, and boasts that the fridge will last for up to 20 years of use. There is also a great customer service team that comes with the company, offering support whenever you need.

Another great feature is simply the design. You can choose from a full sized, stainless steel fridge (traditional), or one that ‘blends in’ with the cabinets, making for a more subdued look. If the design of your kitchen really matters, Sub-Zero offers great options.

Lastly, it’s important to consider home resale value. Having top of the line appliances from well known brands really can help the resale value. You often see these appliance names mentioned in real estate listings as key aspects about the home, or elements that make the home outstanding when compared to the neighbour’s home.

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