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When is the Best Time to Paint your House?

Other than when it’s most convenient for you, there are other factors that need to be considered before painting your house. The most important factor in this decision, is what season is it and what is the current temperature range?

Why does temperature matter when painting your house?

Water-based exterior house paint requires specific temperature ranges in order to cure properly. Ideal conditions for painting would be at it is at least 50 degrees F when applying the paint and should not go below 32 degrees F at night for several days after it is painted. If the temperature gets too low, dew and moisture can form, inhibiting the paint from properly curing. This would then result in issues later on, with paint cracking and not lasting.

It can also be too warm out to paint, as well. This isn’t as hard of a rule, but it should still be considered. A general way of knowing when it’s too hot is if you can’t keep the palm of your hand on the area of the house that you wish to paint for more than a couple of seconds, then it’s too hot to paint.

Painting your home can be expensive, and it’s important that it’s done correctly the first time around. Make sure to be mindful of the outdoor temperature when considering the most suitable time to paint your house.

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