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Wood Floor Trends 2019

We have seen so many different wood flooring trends over the years, from cherry coloured wood to yellow-toned wood seen evidently in cabins or older homes.

Most currently, we are seeing an emergence of soothing, soft colours in new builds. Less “warmth”, and more cool tones are dominating. Hues like dark espresso, creams, soft greys and taupes are most evident. These hues are also finished to have a smooth texture, bringing a calming ambiance to the room, and making it feel nice to the touch.

In terms of finish, we are seeing matte and ultra-matte rather than high gloss finishes. Although gloss looks nice, matte fits better with the rustic and organic interior design themes that we are seeing this year.

It’s also important to note that high shine means high maintenance. It is much easier to see scratches and scuff marks in this type of finish, which makes the ultra-matte finish the most practical choice for everyday life.

We went with the dark espresso tone for our latest project. Check out our portfolio for more!

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